23 June - 26 June 2022

Traditional Ayahuasca Retreat

"the Temple Event"


Co-creation between
shaman Linas & 
House of

We invite you to a three night healing event with mother Ayahuasca in Lithuania. Summer Solstice event, 30km from Vilnius. The event starts on June 23th, Thursday (from 6 pm) and finishes on June 26th, Sunday (about 1pm). The ceremony will be guided by Linas, Janina and Dewi.


Our ancestors used to celebrate Summer Solstice as one of the most important cycles of the year. During the shortest nights and longest days, the biggest amount of the sun energy are reaching Earth.

Janina Louise and Dewi Louise have received many teachings from different shamans. One of those shamans who they worked with is Linas. Linas is an experienced shaman. He describes himself as a 'holistic medicine practitioner' and 'explorer of multidimensional realms'.

Linas has been walking the path of the nature’s medicine for 14 years now. He learned how to work with the plants in the jungle from Ecuadorian, Columbian, Brazilian and Peruvian Shipibo shamans. He is also a certified Kambo (healing frog) specialist. For 25 years he was a famous pop artist, so he has a well trained voice, which helps to create healing love energy during ceremonies.

It would be an honor to welcome you in this healing circle with very strong nature forces in the beautiful country of Lithuania.


This is a private healing space. You are here because you are invited by House of Louise² or via a friend.

We therefore appreciate you not sharing this website page with others. Please direct any referrals to us by email.

Thank you for keeping our container safe and secure. 


Ayahuasca is an ancient brew made from a mixture of a couple of plants. This brew is also known as the tea, the vine, la purga, Mama Aya. The drink is used for spiritual and religious purpose by ancient Amazonian tribes and is used as a sacred drink.


The brew consists of 2 different substances and acts in such a way that one of the plants neutralizes enzymes in our stomic that decomposes a molecule called DMT what's in the other substance. Almost everything on earth has DMT (dimethyltryptamine). It is found in all living beings: in plants, in animals and yes...also in us humans. We produce small amounts of DMT when we dream or meditate. The biggest amounts however are released during birth and death. People with near-death experience often share mystical stories about worlds beyond our daily reality.

During the ceremony, portals to subtle spiritual worlds and realms are opened up. This is why people often have the chance to communicate with divine beings and forms such as angels, the Source, Jesus, Krishna and so on that represents a higher consciousness. And also relatives that has passed and 'little monsters'. We must understand that all entities come to us to teach us something. They teach us to remember, that you are light and that you are the Master of your own experience and your body. If you remember this, no darkness can physically harm you. We should look at both light and dark entities with love, respect and gratitude.

The process after the ceremony can go on for about a week: you can relive details from your experiences during your sleep in dreams, you can receive new insights, or some emotions or fears can come up. This is normal, because after the ceremony the plant medicine will still be in your system for a few days and still works for a while, healing you.

After the ceremony, you can always contact us if you have any questions or need any help to integrate the experience.

If you do not wish to meet your deepest corners or see more than this physical reality and/or you do not want to take responsibility for your experience in life, this process might not be right for you. The decision to participate should be made seriously, consciously and responsibly.

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plant medicine helps with

  • Childhood trauma and abuse

  • Depression

  • Substance use disorder/addictions

  • Anxiety and overcoming fear

  • PTSD

  • Chronic and life threatening illnesses and diseases

  • Finding your life purpose

plant medicine enhances

  • Creative thinking

  • Connectivity to yourself and others

  • Mindfulness capacity

  • Psychological wellbeing

  • Stimulation of neural cell growth

  • Expansion of consciousness

  • Reconditioning of mind and spirit

  • Increased body efficiency and physical health

plant medicine stimulates

  • Transformation

  • Physical, mental and emotional Self Healing

  • Deep Cleansing and purification

  • Gratitude and deeper appreciation of life

  • Deep understanding of yourself

  • Deep connection to nature

  • Helps identify with ones eternal nature


People with a record of psychiatric instability, psychosis, diagnosed mental disorder, chronic high blood pressure or currently on prescription drugs cannot partake in the ceremony.

23 June - 26 June 2022

"The Temple Event" 
is a Plantmedicine Retreat with traditional Ayahuasca
and will be held in a beautiful temple in Lithuania

The temple was build with the earnings of the healing work. A beautiful sacred healing space was created, which is comfortable and spacious. For over 2 years, all the money made with healing works, is spent on this beautiful space. We are very happy to be able to welcome guests now in this beautiful and sacred healing space. We are especially proud of the ceremonial hall, which is very comfortable, spacious and has enough space for processes
and dances. The space is filled with divine light, magic and coziness.


We are also glad to be able to share with you, that you will be the first ones to enjoy our new professional studio multi-channel Dolby Surround sound system, that will make your experience even more magical and unforgettable. During the retreat, Sound Healing, that will help to restore the DNA patterns will be held. 

For sleeping, there are 10 cozy 4 bed bedrooms on the second floor. The people that want more privacy after the ceremonial nights will be able to sleep there, while others can stay and sleep in the ceremony hall. 

We will have our meals in a spacious dining room. During daytime you can spend time in
the house, on the terraces or in the surroundings of the Lithuanian nature/forests.






This is a private healing space. You are here because you are invited by House of Louise² or via a friend.

We therefore appreciate you not sharing this website page with others. Please direct any referrals to us by email.

Thank you for keeping our container safe and secure. 

23 June - 26 June 2022


For this deep healing retreat with mother Ayahuasca, guided by shaman Linas we ask a contribution of €999,-
there is no option to attend for 1 or 2 nights

This includes:


  • Two ceremonies with sublime Dolby surround sound for your magical experience

  • Lodging in the ceremonial space or separate bedroom on the second floor

  • Organic vegan food

  • Personal changes and -energy shifts

  • Support, guidance and healing throughout the ceremonies and weekend

  • 1:1 feedback/coach/therapy/integration consult

    Possible extra's: *Kambo €80,- *Colonic hydrotherapy €80, *Shamanic Body Massage €50,-
    Please make a deposit of €250,- by bank transfer. Keep in mind deposit is non-refundable so be sure you are committed to attend. Bring the rest of the money in cash to the event. We can’t wait to see you soon ☺ 

  • Exclusive: Transfer from Schiphol airport to Vilnius Airport. 
    Hoeveel kost een taxi van en naar Vilnius?
    De taxi is een snelle en goedkope manier om in het centrum te komen, de prijs naar het centrum van de stad ligt tussen € 10 en € 15. De taxi’s vindt u op de taxistandplaats voor de aankomsthal (Arrivals B).

    TAXI RESERVEREN – Direct verder reizen per taxi zonder stress, boek een betrouwbare taxi vanaf Vilnius Airport via Taxi2Airport (eerlijke prijzen en zeer goed beoordeeld). De taxichauffeur ontvangt u persoonlijk op het vliegveld met naambordje. Boeken is makkelijk, annuleren is gratis. U kunt ook een retour boeken of alleen een taxi naar Vilnius Airport.



This is a private healing space. You are here because you are invited by House of Louise² of via a friend.

We therefore appreciate you not sharing this website page with others. Please direct any referrals to us by email.

Thank you for keeping our container safe and secure. 



I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the experience I had. I was lucky enough to choose a session led by the marvellously charismatic Linas (a clear expert in this field), supported by the deeply spiritual and soulful Pear, and the gorgeously containing, grounding Janina.

They worked tirelessly to hold the space for us and I can’t thank them enough for what they did for me and my new found friends in the group.

I arrived with a difficult depression and found joy and love for myself and the world.

An utterly transforming experience. My group arrived with our individual problems and left with new plans, new friends, deep gratitude and love.

I cannot recommend Linas and his team enough. If the medicine is calling you – follow – you won’t regret the time, effort, and money invested. I am very satisfied customer and will return the same time next year to continue the work.

Lots of love and thanks, Jerry